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Black Lives Matter

Santa Fe DBT stands in full support of the Black Lives Matter movement and the BIPOC community.

As a nation, we must acknowledge the legacy that has gotten us to this place: systemic genocide, racism, exploitation, discrimination, oppression and marginalization of people that have been viewed as “less than” and “other” because of their race and ethnicity; the building of this country on the backs of those who were enslaved and treated as possessions rather than fellow humans.

White supremacy must end, as a mindset and in practice. The time has come for radical change and each of us has a responsibility to encourage and support this change.

Santa Fe DBT is committed to ensuring that, as a program and as individual providers, we are speaking out against racist policies. We are committed to our own ongoing education related to understanding and dismantling white privilege, white supremacy, prejudice, biases, and the egregious toll these have taken—and continue to take—on the lives of Black Americans, Indigenous people, and people of color.


We mourn the loss of precious lives, those killed by and because of a system of unequal justice.


We are committed to providing the best evidence-based treatment and care possible and want to be seen as a resource for Black community members who are dealing with issues related to their emotional and mental health.

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