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What to expect?


Our complete and comprehensive program includes weekly individual therapy sessions, as well as a weekly Multi-family Skills Group. Multi-family DBT Skills Group will include the teen and one parent/caregiver for a complete “round” of skills over the course of 24 weeks. In our experience, nearly all teens will need to go through the entire round of skills twice, which allows the other parent/caregiver the opportunity to then participate in group. 

Treatment is for teens and their families.


In addition, family sessions will be scheduled as needed to allow teens and parents to address current difficulties and to put into practice the skills they are learning in group. 

Learning to ask for help.


Teens in DBT have access to their individual therapist for phone coaching, which allows teens to practice two enormously important skills: how to ask for help when help is needed and how to get through difficult situations without making them worse.

Treatment for Adolescents


Santa Fe DBT is pleased to announce the addition of adolescent DBT services.


Adolescent DBT is designed to treat teens with current behaviors, or history of, suicidality; self-harming behaviors; emotion dysregulation; impulsivity; problematic interpersonal patterns and challenging family interactions and dynamics. 


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