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"This program has been a life-changing experience. It addressed all sort of problems, even ones I didn't realize were problems. And it gave me the skills I need to improve my life."

"This has been an amazing journey and I no longer feel overwhelmed. I can trust myself to handle life's different situations. Before I came to therapy here, there were many days I felt like ending my life. Now there is never a day of not having a set of tools to navigate the highs, lows and middle ground of life."

"I am grateful for DBT. The Santa Fe DBT Team and therapists provided supportive instructions and an effective environment for me to learn skills, such as mindfulness and emotions regulation, and change my life for the better! With their help, I broke the trance of fear- and anger-based defensiveness and am living renewed, with more ease and frequent smiles."


"Through the process of learning skills at SFDBT, I was able to change my thought patterns, manage stress, let go of addiction, reclaim my identity and find a new sense of worth and purpose from within. This transformed my relationship to my job and gave me the courage to start my own business - something I’ve always dreamed of doing."


"I felt like I was just coping to get through the I feel alive and full.  There is hope for my future."


 " I used to blame and punish myself because I felt fundamentally flawed. Now I see myself as a human being with a mixture of strengths

and limitations."


"I'm grateful for my therapist and for the effective skills I aquirerd via DBT over the passed two years. I'm happier, healthier and feeling more harmonized."




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